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Palladium Nickel/Gold Plating Technology for High Reliability Connectors July, 2010;

Bolingbrook, IL – Pancon Connectors is announcing the introduction of PdNi/Au (Palladium Nickel/Gold) plating technology for their MAS-CON® Series product line. The change to PdNi/Au is being introduced on all MAS-CON® products that are currently Au (Gold) plated. Product Qualification Testing has shown that there are no changes to the current product performance specifications. The PdNi plating has produced results equivalent to the current Au plated parts. All PdNi/Au plated parts can be mated with current Au plated connectors and headers. All of the PdNi/Au parts are RoHS compliant as are all of our other MAS-CON® products. Parts affected by this change will be referred to by performance level, rather than plating thickness. Current Au plating may still be available on all affected products as a non-standard option. Non-standard parts will receive a new, unique part number and will be provided at a premium cost. There will be no change to existing part numbers. The plating technology changes will be introduced in Q3 2010 with full implementation on all MAS-CON® products expected by Q1 2011. A. .pdf version of this announcement is available here.

Pancon Connectors announces sales territory realignment; April 16, 2009
Pancon Connectors has reorganized its territory management team. Click here to read the official announcement.

Pancon Connectors announces improvements to ERG Jumper switch production. October 6, 2008
We are pleased to announce that due to the sustainable growth of our ERG Jumper Switch range we have now completed our investment in fully upgraded tooling and automated manufacturing that significantly increases production capacity, the result of which dramatically reduces lead times. Our standard lead time for ERG components will now be 8 to 10 weeks from receipt of order, for typical sized orders. The success of this range as a robust, quality Jumper Switch (which can be used as a movable shunt) has established it as the natural option for reliability and performance, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank our many customers for their support and business over the last few months of transition. For further information on this great product range, click here. Click here to read the entire press release.

Pancon Connectors announces changes to sales organization. September 18, 2008.
Territory adjustments and new personnel. Click here for the official announcement.

New connector design reduces manufacturing costs for electronic game maker. August 1, 2008.
International Game Technology (IGT), a manufacturer of spinning-reel slots and video gaming products, recently worked with engineers from Pancon Connectors
(Bolingbrook, IL), to design a custom-engineered button panel connector that is mounted on the IGT switchboards. Click here to read the entire Entertainment Engineering Magazine article

- Pancon Connectors Releases New Catalog; November 15, 2007
Pancon Connectors, a leading manufacturer in interconnect solutions, has released its new 3rd Edition Product Catalog. Pancon Connectors produces a broad line of two-piece Mas-Con® and Lat-Con™ insulation displacement connectors (IDC) and headers, Hi-Con™ DIN connectors/headers, D-Sub Connectors, flat ribbon cable, application tooling and accessories, Power Tap™ Connectors, Jumper Switches™ (used as shunts), Switch-Con™ IDC Connectors, and Switch-Con™ Crimp Contact Connectors. 

New Products Featured in the 3rd Edition Catalog are:
• Erg Jumper Switches, page 120
• Dual Port D-Sub Connectors, page 121
• One/Two row .100 Stacked Headers, page 122
• One/Two row .100 Socket Strips, page 123
• AC Power Outlets, page 124
• Fine Pitch 0.80, 1.00 and 2.00mm Metric Headers, pages 125 and 126

- Pancon Connectors Signs Southern California Rep; September 17, 2007
Pancon Connectors is pleased to announce the addition of Falcon Sales & Technology, Inc. as our newest Manufacturers’ Representative serving Southern California.  This is an excellent addition to our knowledgeable Sales Force.Falcon Sales & Technology, Inc. has an 18 year track record and is an energetic, dynamic, and professional company with combined industry experience of over 85 years.  They have 5 dedicated OEM Field Sales Engineers, 1 Field Applications Engineer (EE), 2 local inside sales support, and a dedicated Distribution Manager.  Falcon Sales has become the largest Electro-Mechanical Representative in San Diego.Welcome aboard Falcon Sales!  Best wishes for continued success as an Pancon Connectors partner!

- Pancon Connectors ranked 6th in 2006 US Customer Survey by Bishop & Associates Inc.
What company has the most competitive connector pricing?
The Bishop European and United States customer surveys are complete, and based on your votes, here are the top 10 most competitively priced connector companies. Click here for the top 10.

- Pancon Connectors appoints new Sales Manager. October 30, 2006
Mike Torbik joins Pancon Connectors effective October 30, 2006 as Regional Sales Manager – Lower Mid-West, Lower Eastern States, and Central/Eastern Canada.  Mike will manage the distributors, customers and Manufacture Representatives (Dunn and Tyson, Matera Technologies, PEI and Performance Technical Sales) in that territory. Mike has over 20 years of sales experience in the electronics industry; working with distributors, customers and Manufacturer Representatives. The complete details including other changes taking place as a result of this appointment are available by clicking here.

-Pancon Connectors appoints new Engineering manager. March 17, 2006
Kevin Russelburg promoted. The complete press release is available by clicking here.

-Pancon Connectors releases .110 Tab Crimp Style Switch-Con connector. May 2, 2005
Pancon Connectors is pleased to introduce our .110 Tab Crimp Style SWITCH-CON contacts and housings. The .110 Tab SWITCHCON provides a fast and reliable alternative to conventional quick disconnects. The convenient right angle crimp contacts may be used stand-alone or with custom housings for Customer specific applications. When paired with a custom housing, the .110 Tab SWITCH-CON provides a connection that is easy to assemble and easy to install saving assembly and testing costs. The complete Press Release is available here and the data sheet is downloadable here.

- Lead Free Intent Statement for Erg Jumper Switch Products. Oct. 15th 2004
Pancon Connectors has taken steps to comply with EU standards on lead. Read the complete statement by clicking here.
You can look up the compliance status of any Pancon part by clicking here.

- Pancon Connectors expands product line.
Sept 2004
Pancon Connectors is pleased to announce an addition to our product offering. We are now actively marketing the Jumper-Switch™ and SMJS Jumper-Switch™ products from our Sister Division, ITW Erg Components. This product was previously marketed by ITW Switches. Click here to see the technical details.

- Lead-Free Product Program and Policy initiated by Pancon Connectors . May 13, 2004
In response to market requests for lead free products, Pancon Connectors has released details of its lead-free compliance program. Download the announcement and policy details by clicking here.

Product News

ITW Pancon announces Hi-Con technical improvements. April 2010
Click here to read the entire announcement.

ITW Pancon announces MAS-CON® product line enhancements. March 28, 2008
Bolingbrook, IL – Starting Q2 2008, Pancon Connectors will begin offering an enhanced version of their .156 centerline MAS-CON® headers. The enhancements include a higher temperature rated plastic material that is black in color. The initial implementation of these enhanced products will affect tin (Sn) plated parts only. Plating specifications will not be affected. Considered to be part of Pancon Connectors effort for continuous improvement of their standard products and simplification for their customers, there will not be a change in existing part numbers. As part of an enhanced product line, a new addition to the product family will also be introduced and available as MTSS & MTAS.  These additions to the Pancon Connectors product offering can be found in the third edition catalog on page 15. Click here to read the entire announcement and view comparison drawings of the old and new versions of these products..

- Pancon Connectors is pleased to introduce MAS-CON Flat Headers with Custom length pins. These headers have .100” spacing between circuits and mate with Mas-Con IDC connectors as well as similar industry standard connectors. View and download the data sheet to see how Mas-Con Flat headers can work with your applications.
Jan. 28, 2003

- Effective September 1, 2002 , please note a slight design change to the LAT-CON 050 Series Header with short latch ejectors. The attached drawing, KA-10468, will explain the change. This change is made to comply with the DIN 41651 Specification and does not affect the form, fit, or function of the headers. The change only affects the short latch number 050-000-062 and all headers with short latches assembled with part numbers 050-0XX-YYYA where XX = 10, 14, 16, 20, 26, 34, 40, 50, 60, and 64 and where YYY = 032, 033, 052, 053, 132, 133, 152, and 153.

- Pancon Connectors releases Switch-Con CFS Switch Connectors - the first major switch connector innovation to hit the connector market in years. View and download the data sheet to see how Switch-Con can lower your assembly costs.

- Pancon Connectors introduces new PCB Power Connector.
August 15, 2001. Pancon Connectors has released a new Power Tap Connector.
Designed to bring power to printed circuit boards, the Power Tap is easily terminated and inserted onto the PCB forming a secure and long lasting connection. Click here for the Power Tap Data sheet.

- Variable pin header cross reference available.
Check out our new MAS-CON MFSS100 variable pin header which is head and shoulder above the rest. Click here for a cross reference list or contact our customer service department for further information.

- On Line Cross reference now available.
IIn order to make it easier to select the best PANCON connector for your existing application, use our new cross reference finder available here.

- MAS-CON introduces new products
1. A new .156 Locking Header with Straight Press-fit Pins similar to the MAS-CON MLSS.156 header is now shipping. Click here to see drawings.
2. MAS-CON .100 headers and covers (below) are now available in high temperature VO plastic to resist surface mount soldering temperatures. For more info email us.
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- MAS-CON® MLSS100 and MLAS100 Series Design improvements

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